Anti-Aging Cellular Face Oil by Geneva Naturals

Several years ago if you would of asked me to put oil on my already oily face I would of laughed and told you, you were crazy.  That was before I knew better.  I knew that oily skin like mine still needed moisture just like every other skin type but I simply could not imagine that putting the right oil on my face would not only hydrate my skin but balance it and help curb the amount of oil my skin was producing.  Knowledge is power and now I know better and cannot get enough of facial oils!
The key is finding the right facial oil for your skin type and for me that means diving in, puttingit on my face hoping for the best.  Thankfully, I’ve found that method usually works in my favor.  My skin just loves a good quality facial oil and I’ve been blessed to try out quite a few.
This Anti-Aging Cellular Face Oil by Geneva Naturals is one of those that my skin just loves.  Developed with a potent blend of Raspberry, Cranberry, and Blueberry Seed Oil that work together to help lessen the signs of aging, rejuvenate the skin and help repair damage caused by free radicals.  
All it takes is 2-3 drops to help make fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable and give skin a nice healthy glow.  The Anti-Aging Cellular Face Oil is lightweight, easily absorbed and skin feels nourished, hydrated but not at all greasy.
I love using this Anti-Aging Cellular Face Oil by Geneva Naturals in my morning skincare routine and like to apply it to my face, neck and decollete.  I usually add a little more on the tops of my cheekbones which provides a nice, natural highlight, no makeup needed!
Make sure to massage any left over oil into hands and cuticles.  After all, your hands needs some anti-aging TLC too!!
Also, Geneva Naturals is a “feel good”company since they are proudly free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phtalates and Animal Cruelty!

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