Alpha Hydroxy Cleanser, Alpha Hydroxy Toner, Alpha Hydroxy Moisturizer and Replace Face Mask by IQ Natural & Organics

I think using acids as part of your everyday skincare routine is the best thing you can do for your skin.  Even better is to use a natural and organic line of skincare like IQ Natural & Organics.  IQ Natural & Organics has a great line of Alpha Hydroxy skincare that I have been testing out over the last couple of months and my skin is thanking me for it!
First up is their Alpha Hydroxy Cleanser which is a gentle but extremely effective cleanser.  It not only gives skin a nice deep clean but it also helps exfoliate dead skin cells which leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.  I highly recommend using it with a Clarisonic or Foreo for the ultimate cleanse.  This would be a great cleanser for any skin type.
The best way to follow up with the Alpha Hydroxy Cleanser is with their Alpha Hydroxy Toner!  This toner helps to lighten hyperpigmentation, further exfoliate dead skin cells and also helps to smooth skin texture.  I especially love using this toner when I have a breakout.  It helps to heal and clear blemishes without leaving skin feeling dry and dehydrated like other toners can.  I would definitely recommend this toner for all skin types.
The Alpha Hydroxy circle would not be complete without the IQ Natural & Organics Alpha Hydroxy Moisturizer.  Following up the cleanser and toner with this moisturizer ensures younger, softer and smoother skin!  This Alpha Hydroxy Moisturizer is packed with anti-aging ingredients along with Alpha Hydroxy to help keep skin looking fresh and new.  It’s a lightweight moisturizer that is easily absorbed and leaves skin feeling hydrated and soft and works great as a primer for makeup.  Of course, I would also recommend this moisturizer for all skin types!
If you have been a follower of my blog for any length of time then you already know how much I love a good face mask and I have tried a ton of them.  However, I have yet to try any other face mask quite like this Replace Face Charcoal Detox Mask.
The Replace Face Mask is very unique in the fact that it helps heal and clear up any blemishes, helps lighten scars from blemishes and other hyperpigmentation and helps balance skin’s oil production.  All that while leaving skin feeling really hydrated and soft, maybe even a little plump!  It has a gel-like texture to it that is easy to apply and very gentle on the skin.  I like to apply to my face, neck and decollete and leave on for at least 15 minutes and then rinse.  For best results I would use at least three times a week.  This is another one that I would recommend for all skin types!
These are just a few of the quality products that IQ Natural & Organics has to offer and I am dying to get my hands on a few others!  
Make sure you take a look at their full line up over on!
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