Affordable Hair Savers – Tea Tree Oil Shampoo & Jojoba Oil by Maple Holistics

For me Tea Tree Oil & Jojoba Oil go hand in hand when it comes to taking care of my hair and scalp.  However, not all Tea Tree Oil and Jojoba Oil products are created equal.  To get good results you have to stick with good quality products that use only natural/organic ingredients.  It’s all the additives that they put in hair products these days that can cause further irritation to the scalp and strip hair of much need moisture!
Tea Tree Oil is best known for its impressive antiseptic properties which is really great if you have any type of skin condition.  Unfortunately, I just so happen to have a a few stubborn Eczema patches that like to make their appearance on my scalp and I’ve found that Tea Tree Oil really helps soothe my irritated skin and it also helps to heal it at the same time.  
What I love most about this Tea Tree Oil Shampoo by Maple Holistics is that I get the antiseptic benefits to help treat my scalp irritations but it also helps give my hair a deep clean by removing any left over residue from dry shampoos and the heavy conditioners that I like to use.
I don’t use the Tea Tree Oil Shampoo everyday, I only use it about once a week or more if I have Eczema flare ups or if my hair is feeling weighed down.  After just one use my scalp feels clean and my hair feels clean as well and it also feels really nourished!
Tea Tree Oil Shampoo by Maple Holistics is a must have to take your hair and scalp care to the next level!  The Tea Tree Oil Shampoo retails for $10.95 for 8oz.

Jojoba Oil by Maple Holistics is the other product that I use to keep my hair in the best condition possible.  Besides being great for your skin, Jojoba Oil is also great for your hair.  It’s perfect to help to nourish and hydrate dry, damaged hair.  For everyday use I like to apply it just to my ends to control frizz and smooth flyaways.  However, I will also use it as an overnight mask.  To do this, I saturate my dry hair, staying away from my roots and concentrating more on the ends and then just wash it out in the morning and voilà!  My hair is restored, hydrated and more manageable!  Plus, since Jojoba Oil is so good for your skin as well it makes for the perfect oil to use as an overnight hair mask.  I love that I don’t have to worry about it getting on my face from pillow transfer and creating breakouts.  It’s a win for your hair and your skin!  The Jojoba Oil retails for $8.95 for 2oz.

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