Advanced Scar Gel by InstaNatural-Review

For the most part I’m okay with having some scars.  Scars tell a sort of story about who you are as an individual and about the things we’ve endured.  However, I do have a couple that I really wouldn’t mind it they vanished!  So, I decided I would try out this Advanced Scar Gel that InstaNatural sent me to review for them.
I have a few scars on my hands which are the result of me deciding I could break up a few dog fights with my hands.  Obviously, not the best or smartest idea I ever had but it’s one of those things I almost don’t have control over, it’s just instinct and I don’t even think about it.  I hate to say it but it’s something I would probably end up doing it again.  There is one scar in particular that’s really not that big of deal but I wanted to test out this Scar Gel and see what kind of difference it could make.
I used gel pretty faithfully everyday for about 3 weeks at least once a day but sometimes twice if I remembered (this is where a before and after pic would have been nice, I am so bad about that!) and it really did make a difference in the appearance of the scar.  It’s not as noticeable but I can’t decide if it’s because the color of it improved or because of the texture or both.  Overall, I was impressed!  I was impressed enough that I decided that I am also going to be testing it out on an old acne scar and see what kind of results I have with that so I will keep you posted!
It’s not a shock that I am impressed with another InstaNatural product!  I have bee blessed to test out a wide range of InstaNatural products and they always deliver real results. The entire product line was developed by focusing on using premium organic and natural ingredients in their formulations without the use of harmful alcohols, parabens or sulfates.  The Scar Gel contains Epidermal Growth Factor, Fucoxanthin, Astaxanthin, Green Tea & Gotu Kola and these powerful ingredients work together to fortify & restore healthy skin and to help reverse the signs of damaged skin for a flawless tone.
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