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Since I started taking Probiotics on a regular basis I have noticed a real difference in my overall health, especially in my skin.  Balancing out the good bacteria in your gut is super important and essential for good overall health and immunity, inside and out.
This Advanced Probiotic by Nutrivee is a great quality Probiotic that I have been taking in conjunction with their Prebiotic.  I take Probiotics everyday but I take an extra dosage if I’m not feeling well, going to be eating a lot of sugar or if I plan on drinking.  Since the bad bacteria feed off sugar I like to make sure I have plenty of the good guys!
Since I have a day job where I have to deal with money, checks and that sort of thing that means I am subjected to all the nasty cold and flu viruses that come along and I inevitably get sick every year, regardless of how many vitamins and supplements I take.  Unfortunately, that time came early this year and I was sick with the flu all last week.  I was so sick I forgot to keep taking my vitamins and supplements.  All I could do was feel sorry for myself, lay in bed and sleep.  I was miserable.  It was a time when I should of been taking extra everything but I just didn’t have the energy to even think about it.  However, once my fever subsided and I felt like I could get out of bed I started taking this Advanced Probiotic by Nutrivee and their Prebiotic and even though I am in the cold stage of the cold/flu I am definitely recovering much faster than I would have if I didn’t start taking my supplements.  The body needs all the help it can get when it’s recovering from an illness!
If you haven’t been taking Prebiotics or Probiotics Fall is definitely a great time of year to start!
You can find the Advanced Probiotic by Nutrivee and the Advanced Prebiotic by Nutrivee over on
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