15% AHA Nightly Exfoliating Pads by Newday Essence

I am a big believer in acids!  In my experience nothing else gives you the results that acids do and instantly.  I use an acid on my face in one form or another and in one strength or another every night.  It’s the key to keeping my skin healthy, smooth, clear and even toned.  If I miss a night or two for whatever reason it shows in my skin.  So, acids are simply a “must have” for me.
Since my skin has a lot of acid “experience” I am able to use a fairly high percentage of acid a few times a week.  However, these 15% AHA Nightly Exfoliating Pads by Newday Essence have the perfect percentage to use on a nightly basis just to keep my skin in check.  Created with a unique blend of Organic fruit acids, Glycolic Acid, Malic Acid, Lactic Acid and Bilberry Extract these pads are full of skin renewing ingredients!  The 15% AHA is also a great starting point if you are new to using acid on your skin.  I would recommend doing a test patch if you have sensitive skin just to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions.  You can also start by using these 15% AHA Nightly Exfoliating Pads just a couple times a week and as your skin builds its tolerance you can increase the amount of days you use the pads until you are using them on a nightly basis.
I think all skin types can benefit from using acids but especially if you have oily skin that is prone to clogged pores.  The acids in these Nightly Exfoliating Pads by Newday Essence will help speed up your skin’s natural cell turnover process which means dead and dull skin is gently exfoliated away.
You will notice dry, rough patches disappear, age/sun spots and other discoloration will lighten up, skin texture will improve, pore size will improve and even fine lines and wrinkles will start to less noticeable.  Yeah, all that just from a little acid!
These 15% AHA Nightly Exfoliating Pads by Newday Essence are a very affordable place to start at just $23.95 for a 2 month supply.  Go for it, your skin will thank you…and then you can thank me!
You can purchase these 15% AHA Nightly Exfoliating Pads by Newday Essence over on Amazon.com

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