14 Day Detox Tea by Hint Wellness-Review

So, if you follow my blog then you already know that I love a good a Detox!  I have read all the articles that say Detoxing doesn’t really work but I know how much better I feel after I do a Detox.  Maybe it’s a placebo effect but I don’t think so!  
I loved this 14 Day Detox Tea that Hint Wellness sent me to review for them!  Not only did it taste great but I really felt better after I completed the Detox.  This tea aids in digestion, bloating and helps purify your system and rids the body of toxins that can build up over time.  It can also help shed a few pounds, especially if you haven’t done a Detox before or in a long while.
While I am doing a Detox I also eat as clean as possible, which for me means no processed foods and eating as much raw and organic foods as possible.
Ready for a Detox?  What’s 14 days?
You can do it!!

Go to Amazon.com to purchase or just click on the link below…

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