100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil by Applejack Life-Review

*100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil by Applejack Life
I love the smell of Lavender and apparently so do a lot of other people because it is one of the most popular scents around.  Applejack Life sent me some of their 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil to review for them and let’s just say my house has been smelling a lot like Lavender lately.  It seem like there are so many uses for Lavender Oil it would take forever to list them all.  I would use the Lavender Oil for one thing and then a few minutes later I would think of something else I wanted to use it for.  I went a little Lavender crazy to say the least.
One of my favorite way of using Lavender Oil is to put it in my bath water.  I like to add just a few drops, especially if I am taking a bath before I go to bed.  The smell of Lavender really does help me relax and seems to take the daily stresses away.  My other favorite thing to do is to add about 15 drops to a spray bottle filled with water (distilled if possible) and spray my pillow cases just before bed and sometimes I even give my face a few sprays!   You can rally use Lavender scented water for just about anything you want to freshen up!
This 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil by Applejack Life is a really fantastic quality essential oil and the Lavender scent is wonderful and pure!   You can order some of Lavender Essential Oil for yourself by clicking on the link below…

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