100% Pure Copper Mug by Advanced Mixology

Probably one of my all time favorite cocktails is the Moscow Mule.  The Moscow Mule has been around for ages but for some reason it has made a huge comeback this year.  I love that I can now order my fav cocktail when we go out and the bartender will actually know what it is!
As most of you already know a traditional Moscow Mile is pretty simple and is made with fresh squeezed lime juice, vodka and Ginger Beer.  However, better quality of the ingredients that you use the better tasting Moscow Mule you will have as a result.  
For the ultimate Moscow Mule I like to use a quality Vodka like Tito’s or Grey Goose but if your on a budget like I am most of the time you can also use Smirnoff and you’ll still get a great tasting Moscow Mule.  I also try to find Organic Limes when I can and use Cock’n Bull Ginger Beer.  After all, Cock’n Bull is the originator of the Moscow Mule, but also it just has a fantastic Ginger tastes that most other Ginger Beers can’t beat.  Last but not least you simply MUST have a Copper Mug to serve the Moscow Mule in.  I promise you they DO NOT taste the same when served in a regular glass.  I think the Copper somehow alters the taste of the drink and it just ends up tasting totally different when served in a regular glass.
I recommend investing in at least 2 really nice Copper Mugs.  I actually prefer to drink most of my cocktails in my Copper Mugs so it’s not like you would just be buying a special mug for a drink that you are only going to be having every once in a while.  When you serve a drink in a Copper Mug not only does it look cool but the drink will stay really cold and it will have a batter taste overall.  It’s so sciencey!
I have been loving this 100% Pure Copper Mug by Advanced Mixology!  It’s a large Mug at 16 oz. and it’s amazing quality and I LOVE the special box that it comes in and comes with a matching coaster, nice touch!  It’s very beautiful, very classy and makes a great addition to any bar!  I have built up a modest inventory of Copper Mugs and this one is definitely one of my favorites and one that I find myself grabbing for when I am craving a cocktail!  
This Copper Mug would also make a really great gift, especially since it comes in such a cool box!  I like to keep my bar accessories in the box. Things like wine glass charms, coasters and drink umbrellas all fit perfectly inside!
Hosting a Holiday Party soon?  Here is my must try recipe for a Festive Moscow Mule…
Festive Moscow Mule
1/2 ounce lime juice
2 ounces Cranberry vodka
4 ounces ginger beer
5-10 Frozen Cranberries

(In preparation you will need to freeze a small bag of Cranberries) Add a few ice cubes to your Copper Mug and pour ingredients over ice then add a few frozen Cranberries which will help keep the cocktail cold, plus it just looks festive!  Finish it off with a Lime wedge and voilà you have a Festive Moscow Mule that’s delicious and refreshing!  Your party guests will be impressed!
You can find this 100% Pure Copper Mug by Advanced Mixology on Amazon.com

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