100% Pure Argan Oil by Radha Beauty-Review

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In case you are new to GlamRiver you should know that I LOVE Argan Oil.  It really is one of the best all-around oils that can be used from head to toe.  Yes, it can even be used on your face!  As an oily-skinned girl I can tell you that it works wonders on my oily skin and in spite of what you might think it does not leave your skin oily at all, it absorbs completely leaving my skin super soft and well hydrated.
I have trying out this Argan Oil that Radha Beauty sent me and since I have recently become a fan of Radha Beauty products I already knew I was going to love their Argan Oil.  If you have not tried Argan Oil yet you simply must get your hands on some ASAP!  It is one of the best natural moisturizers for skin and like I said you can use it from head to toe.  It hydrates and softens dry skin, it also repairs and beautifies hair and strengthens brittle, cracked, nails and softens cuticles.
I also love the gorgeous blue bottle that the Argan Oil by Radha Beauty. I am sucker for packaging and Radha Beauty not only knows how to create a great product but they also create some awesome packaging! Check out Radhabeautyproducts.com for a complete line up of all their products and you can also find them on Amazon.com

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